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Ways to Do When You Are Running out of Blogging Ideas

Imagine this scenario: When you first started your blog, you were pumped. You had tons of things in your head and you want to write them all – share them with the world. And when the blog is up and running, ideas are running like a flood. You are never afraid of losing ideas or inspirations.

blogging ideas

blogging ideas

And now, six months have passed. What you fear the most has happened – you are running out of ideas! You search and dig and search, but nothing inspirational comes. We can help by providing some ways and alternatives. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, you already get some ideas on how to start your contents again.

Keep Your Personal Ideas Files

There is nothing wrong about being prepared. Even when you are full of ideas, you may not be able to create them all, can you? While you are at it, it’s best to write it down and have your lists of ideas. Save the files in clouds so you can easily access them when you need them. Trust me, these idea files can be handy when you are stuck.

blogging ideas

blogging ideas

 Check the Trend

You may be able to make use free or inexpensive blog services, including the information or the knowledge of ‘what’s hype today’ – if you know where to look or go. Knowing the trendy thing or topic today can help you create contents that can be appealing and interesting for people. There are some places or services at where you can learn about the hottest trends. You can check to learn what the world is tweeting right now. You can also go to to see the most current (and hottest) stream. And there is also Google Trends – that will provide you the information about the hottest online search.

blogging ideas

blogging ideas

Let Your Audience Take Parts

You can actually gain ideas from your audience. They must have participated in the comments or in your Twitter replies. You can also check into your social media accounts to learn what people are discussing, what makes them interested, and what they want to know. Engaging your audience will make your contents relatable and real. And most importantly, they know that you are paying attention to their needs and wants.

Basically, in this era where technology dominates the whole system, you can tap into it. Engage to your social media. Engage to online forums. Find out what people want or needs. Read or watch the latest trend. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about running out of ideas.

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