Popular Girls Blog Themes For College Students

Popular Girls Blog Themes

Being a college student is not merely related to study. Especially for girls, there are plenty of times to fill besides studying. Some girls do blogging because not only they could connect with fellow students, but they can also find inspiration for their passion. Among female college students, these are some ‘lit’ topics that they enjoy reading for hours.


Who does not love fashion? Almost all girls are so into fashion lately whether their styles are cute, feminine, boyish, classic, or even gothic. Despite their style, girls still love to see about match-making style, outfit of the day (OOTD), or even styles to wear for each season. Additional fashion tips will also attract more girls as they might want to look stylish. Furthermore, there are lots of sub-topics to be presented under this topic such as fashion store reviews, fashion tips, or even selling your fashion pieces.

Financial management

Most college students start to manage their finances independently. By being away from parents, they might have a monthly stipend or even making their own money. Any tips to make additional income or save money will be helpful for female students. On some blogs, the girls even share and give solutions to their financial problems.

Simple cooking

Food is essential to human life including for the students. With limited space or cooking ware, many dishes cannot be cooked in a dorm. Hence, simple student cooking recipes are mostly hunted by cooking lovers. Some famous recipes include mug cake, one-pot pasta, mac and cheese, stir fry, and sandwich. Unique ways of cooking are also interesting like using an iron to make a grilled cheese sandwich or making a new dish by using the leftovers.

Popular Girls Blog Themes

Popular Girls Blog Themes

DIY crafts

For some handy girls, the best thing to spend their spare time is by making crafts. Moreover, the crafts can make the room more attractive or they can even be sold to make more money. Still, it depends on individual creativity in making or developing the craft. The craft can be in a three-dimension or just a two-dimension such as an artsy notebook.

Room decorating

A little bit related to the previous point, decorating a room requires style and a little bit of art. Girl students might get bored in their room easier than boys. Yet before decorating or changing their room, they need some inspiration of how their room should look like. That is why they go blogging to find inspiration. If you love decorating your room and do it quite often, you should take a picture of it and share it in your blog.

Student hacks

Well, this one is more general (not only for girls). With a packed schedule, freshmen might find college life overwhelming. Yet, some hacks might help them to survive the hectic year. That is why more students are doing some research about their campus or departments before going to college. Writing about your campus or any useful tricks like the tastiest food stall near campus, cheapest greengrocers, or even procedures in borrowing from the campus library will be helpful.

Study strategy

Last but not least, to succeed in the exams students need some strategies for studying. However, studying can be boring and overwhelming. To keep the spirit of learning, there are some techniques to do such as studying at the dawn, practicing tests, reviewing notes, and many more. Sharing the study problems and strategy will not only help others but also connect you to others.

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