Blog Layout Management and Simpler Ideas

blog layout management

One of the biggest obstacles in making a blog is to manage the layout. You probably think that the visual layout will be easy because you are so good with colors. In most cases, though, people find out that managing the blog layout isn’t as easy as they think and they start making a mess.

blog lay out management

blog layout management

You see, the layout is a part of your blog. It should represent you. Whatever images you have there should represent you, the themes or topics you have, or what kind of business you are running. Isn’t it odd if you are running a professional education consultation business but people can only see the photos of your cats when they access the blog? Talk about being weird….

Easy Visibility and Comfortable Reading

The most common problem that people do when making a blog is to ignore the grid. The grid is designed to create an organized and clean look. You can use the grid system to create small and easily-read contents. With this grid system, you don’t have to worry that the contents will fall apart or become a mess even when used by different screen sizes. Basically, the grid system will deliver a consistent result for all kinds of gadget users – whether they are using large screens, mobile phones, tablets, etc. With this feature, you can control your contents without hassle.

blog layout management

blog layout management

Colors and Images

If you are new to this, you probably can’t afford a professional digital camera – which is understandable. However, you are trying to make your blog as professional (and beautiful) as possible. No need to worry! You can always go to providing premium images – and they are all free. Yes, you can use all of those images without having to worry about the royalty or whatsoever.

blog layout management

blog layout management

If you decide to make your own photo but you can’t afford the editing software, you can look up for Canva. You can personalize the images you’ve taken by having simpler ways and management. Naturally, you need to have some talents to create appealing images, but Canva will make the process easier for you.

Use the Card Layout

An organization can be a problem, especially if you are active and you make a lot of contents. Why not using the card-based design to help you organize the contents? It is simple and appealing. It also creates a cleaner visual effect. When using the card, you need to have these elements included within the card, like title, author and image, excerpt, post date, and category. If you have social share links and there is enough space on the card layout, you can include it too.

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